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Chungyo Department Store

Chungyo Department Store is a legend among department stores in Taichung. Although having gone almost bankrupt once, Chungyo Department Store with its unique insight brought the business back to life. Elaborate themed restrooms from the Chungyo Department Store were featured on Time Magazine, but what really gets people talking is the bar-bathroom combo features refrigerators stocked with Heineken. If you’d like to take a leak and a swig of beer at the same time, this is the place to be/pee.
The fashion gallery is another highlight of Chungyo Department Store, where cultural events and exhibitions are frequently organized. The food court will please locals and visitors alike with the variety of exotic cuisine on offer ranging from Cantonese and Japanese delicacies to Thai and Korean food. With years gone by, Chungyo Department Store still welcomes thousands of visitors each day and serves as a symbol of fashion culture in Taichung.

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