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Taichung Liuchuan Canal Waterfront

After dredging and improvements, Liuchuan (Willow River) Canal has immediately become a top attraction in Taichung City. During the day, Liuchuan gives a carefree vibe perfect for family outings as kids can have fun watching koi fish in the clean water. As night falls, Liuchuan turns into a romantic setting as willows and the swan art installation are illuminated with sparkling lights. It is a great place for night photography and a lovely dating place where couples can leisurely stroll along the canal.
Liuchuan Canal is used for water regulation in between low flow and high flow seasons. It is flexible like a sponge capable of absorbing and releasing water.
Liuchuan Canal was once heavily polluted. Water quality has been significantly improved by intercepting the upstream flow of Liuchuan Canal to Zhonghua water treatment plant. Pollution has been contained to a mild level. In addition to the newly planted 37 trees on both sides of the riverbank, 38 willows were also rooted to recreate the original setting of Liuchuan. Moreover, a variety of native plants like Chinese fringe tree, Taiwanese rain tree, and Himalayan ash enrich Liuchuan’s scenery throughout the year.

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