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Inhouse Hotel Grand is a superb five-star innovative-designed hotel. We provide rooms sizing from 33sq.m. to 190sq.m. The whole hotel is constructed with the foundation of Taiwan Jade and selected premium marble from countries such as Italy and India. The decoration made use of casual-oriented furniture of Southern France style to continue the existing Provincial Style of Inhouse Group. Together with selected premium teak that infused the ambition of Louis XIV and the glamorous of Louis XV for our Inhouse Hotel Grand. With delicate craftsmanship, the decorations were carved with exquisite skills that bring out the elegance and charm for all our customers.

Our premium guest house occupies a remarkable space of 190sq.m. with a height of 5m, plus classic chandelier from British famous brand and grand bathroom made with stones imported from Italy. For business or leisure, our guest house definitely provides the most unique and brilliant experience that worth every dime.

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