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Park Lane by CMP

Taichung is the center of central Taiwan (Taichung Region). It attracts visitors from Changhua, Nantou, and, Miaoli, especially for shopping. Park Lane by CMP is a new concept of ‘integration of life’ in department store design. CMP stands for China Metal Products. Rooted in Taiwan, it is one of the largest foundry company in Asia. It has gradually expanded to include construction, hotel, and art business. The group initiated the project of CMP Park Lane to create Block Museum of Arts and CMP department store with Eslite Bookstore in 2006.
The once deserted parking lot is redesign with a five-story-high plant wall stretching from basement to the third floor. The running water also controls the humidity in the building. On the outside wall is also covered by 150,000 plants, making it a beautiful building with natural green. The Eslite Bookstore surely defines the department store. The two-story tall space collects both Chinese and English books around the world. You can also find writers publishing their latest works on the weekends. The department store also introduces some new-born innovative brands you cannot find in other stores. There are local and international restaurants at the food court on the first floor and the basement, providing a wide and fine selection of flavor choices. If you come here on weekends, you can also find a holiday market at the square in front of the store. Happy shopping!

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